Video Conferencing

Privatized Video Conference Server Utilizing Open Source Software

If you’d like a hosting account email Its simple to use:

  1. Start a conference here and log in with your username and password as the host.
  2. Add a password (highly recommended)
  3. Share the URL with your participants.

Video Conference Tips
  • Mute yourself when not speaking. Press the spacebar when you want to talk.
  • Consider your background and what others will see behind you.
  • The light source should be behind the camera and in your face.
  • Use a headset to avoid feedback and to improve audio quality.
  • When using the Jitsi app on a smart phone, make sure to use the full URL link.

    • We don’t allow scanning of URLs so your URL is not public
    • We can enforce username for all participants
    • We can enforce password for your conference
    • We can limit connections to geographical locations
      • Currently, only the USA & Philippines are allowed
    • We do not have legacy connectors
    • Works on mobile and desktop
    • Share your desktop for presentations
    • Control users microphones
    • Kick users if needed
    • Chatting enabled within the app
    • Blur your background
    • No recording on the server so nothing to hack

    We can dedicate a server for your company so you can control the IP locations allowed into your network. Your URL would look like this:

    Apps used: